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Fri Feb 15 07:04:18 EST 2008

Here is Tad Cook's K7RA (ARRL Propagation guru) reaction to the article 
which K7FC posted here earlier in the week which suggested the 
possibility of a Maunder minimum - no sunspots for many years and a 
dramatic effect on the climate.

>From K7RA:

Yep.,......lots of email about this, and it is nonsense.  
Pseudoscience.  Ken Tapping, a scientist at the observatory where we 
get solar flux readings has had a terrible week.  A few weeks ago a 
woman called him, they had a wide-ranging discussion, and now he 
figures when she didn't hear what she wanted to hear, she just made it 
up.  Now he is getting emails from colleagues, wondering why he said 
those crazy things.

It is difficult to figure out where this piece came from.  There is no 
byline indicating who wrote the piece.  Ken says Investors Business 
Daily found it on the web, and published it, without attribution, 
without doing a bit of fact-checking.

There is no indication of a Maunder Minimum, absolutely none. There is 
nothing unusual about this solar minimum suggesting such a thing.  And 
of course nobody can say there won't be one either.

Ken is in Canada, and I am near the Canadian border, and we have both 
watched an excellent CBC program that suggests a source for this.  
Remember back when there were some "scientists" claiming there was no 
link between tobacco smoke and illness?  They also cover that in this 
program.  You can watch it on the web:

Pete W2PM

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