Topband: Re Birdies

Alan Cook acook003 at
Thu Feb 21 11:48:04 EST 2008

Since this is my first contribution to Top Band, I should preface these
comments with a short Introduction. I am, at this point aspiring to
get on 160, better than I have so far. Using a 75 meter inverted vee
and an FT990.  I have had limited contacts more or less locally.
However, I am very active on the vhf bands 6 meters and up. and
I noticed Ed's (W0SD) comment about not testing on vhf as yet.

I am using a Linksys BEFW11S4  router. which is either wireless, wired
or both.  I have run cables rather than open my self to interlopers ( I 
live in
a mobile home park) and removed the router's antennas.  there is a severe
birdie right on 50.125, which is the calling frequency on six meters.
I can only eliminate this problem by disconnecting the power to the

I also, had problems with a white noise level of several S units and many
birdies from 75 meters on up to 70 CM. which I traced to my monitor
(a good quality CRT display) this problem was severe enough that I could not
use contest logging during vhf contests, and it was only eliminated when 
I bought
a cheap charley (relatively) LCD display at Walmart.  By the way, the 
CRT noise
only goes away when the ac power is disconnected from the monitor,
irregardless of it being on or off.  I hope these comments help a bit, 
even if only to
"stir the pot" a bit. I am currently trying to improve my antenna 
situation so that
my call sign will be more recognizable on "Top Band" in the future.  73  

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