Topband: Icom 746 Pro

herbs at herbs at
Thu Feb 21 18:45:11 EST 2008

It looks like my Icom 765 has some problems with the PLL circuit on upper bands
and like the proverbial "One Horse Shay" other things have decided to follow in
failure mode..such as the wheels faling of the ATU! Before digging into the
unit on the bench I decide to order a Icom 746 Pro based in part on the
meticulous testing that Earl Cunningham, K6SE(sk)had performed on this model
when it was first introduced.  On weak signal reception (an that's what its all
about on TB DX isn't it?) he rated the Icom 746 Pro higher than the K2.  Having
been with Earl at his station on the west coast and listening to him dig out
the weakest of signal I sort of have taken his wisdom as near to scientific
fact as one could get.  So I will have a 746 Pro in a few days.

One thing I forgot to check on is whether or not the Icom 746Pro has a provision
for a separate RX antenna.  I seldom if ever listen on my noisy TX vertical. 
If not is there a simple mod outside of and external relay I can try?  I 
suppose I could use the MFJ 1026 as a switcher with its internal switching and
put the 8 Beverage bank switch into the aux antenna port and turn the main
antenna gain to zero.  But since the radio is not here yet I am just asking for


Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ

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