Topband: Receiving Antennas for 160 during daytime

Karl Brandt nd8dx at
Mon Feb 25 18:50:37 EST 2008

Hello all, 
  I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions for RX antennas best suited for daytime 160 operating. We received several comments this weekend during the contest, mid day, that we had southern stations calling us and we heard nothing. Of course we did hear the stronger stations but alot of weak ones slipped thru the cracks if you will. We even tried using a 20m dipole at one point...current RX antennas are beverages ( the southerly bevs are at 165* and 260* which should pretty much cover the south from Ohio) and a K9AY pair. The ambient noise is a bit higher to the south here than in other directions but nothing terrible. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, and to those on the Top Band list that worked us this weekend..TU for the Q. 
  73  Karl ND8DX

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