Topband: Hy Gain Tower Fire help..Thanks to all

Greg Chartrand w7my at
Tue Feb 26 14:23:51 EST 2008

If you want to mess around with the Hytower so you can get it to handle 1.5kw on 160, there are a few things you can do.

1- Purchase/install the current 160 horizontal wire and coil assembly

2- Add top loading wires similar to what I have on my web page. This will substantially decrease the amount of coil as the base. If you do this, you have to add a wire off the top of the tower horizontal that will make your antenna on  80 meters an inverted L because the 160 top loading wires will detune 80M. I have done this with mine and it works great! In addition, this mod eliminates the need to remove the 160 coil to operate 80M. 

3- Spend the next 5 years trying to find a material that won't arc through. This will include increasing the diameter of the holes in the tower. Not much fun :'(

By the way, the only reason not to climb the Hytower is that you have to avoid all the decoupling wands. I climb mine all the time. The tower is an Rohn HBX that can probably handle just about anyone less than 300lbs! The insulators are equally sturdy. Given that the tower is hinged, there is no reason to climb unless you need the exercise.

This antenna will eventually get you your first European contact on 160!

Good luck,

Greg Chartrand - W7MY 
Richland, WA.

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