Topband: VP6DX Very Loud

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Wed Feb 27 18:40:55 EST 2008

K1UM Writes:
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Sent: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 3:14 pm
Subject: Topband: VP6DX Very Loud

I have been pondering the same thing..... they are consistantly there 
consistanty strong -like a beacon- day in and day out.. here in FL 
nothing has
been stronger.....

I would love to know the details of their 160 TX Ant system. If anyone 
hears a
seminar or paper from them please let us (and me) know how they did 

Ken K1UM

W2PM Replies:

No doubt these guys know there stuff, however, the path got to be the 
major factor, followed closely by their proximity to the sea. They have 
been been consistently copyable here, and as noted often very strong 
which is quite remarkable at this receive limited QTH where I can only 
copy VK/ZL on very good days and only have ESP'd JA once.

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