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robert briggs vk3zl at
Thu Feb 28 18:30:08 EST 2008

G'day to all.Already to the end of February.The days pass quickly.This morning I had a fantastic opening into Europe with signals generally 579 to 9 plus.Note there was a high AU alert.Worked 35 stations in all and the drop down was over a large area from Malta through Northern Eu and quite a few UK contacts.It's not every day we get these conditions.As many as I actually worked many missed out.I was still working stations 20 minutes after sunrise.
Early on around 1954z some character tried to spoil things laying a strong carrier over proceedings.We basically ignored him and kept working.He went away eventually thank goodness.

Today brings the EU summer sunrise dx total up to 511 stations worked since Nov 11th.I am hoping for at least another month to 6 weeks before the band changes and we lose the EU path.I have been trying to catch Thor TF4m for a definite 2 way contact but that eludes us still.He has heard me and I have heard him but the twain haven't made the contact yet.Guess I will keep trying as Iceland is the ultimate for me.

I have been using my 90 foot high inverted V for all the EU work this summer.It appears adequate for sunrise work and receives quieter than the vertical.I am pulling the vertical down shortly and having it replaced with a new and more permanent structure.I have to prepare the site so that the crew coming to do the work have minimum work to do erecting the mast.I am no longer able to look after my antennas and have to get in help to maintain things.Hopefully things will stay together for a few years yet and see me out.

I look forward to some improvement into the Pacific dx region over the next few months.Miss my regular North and South American buddies.Daylight saving time messes it up also.Can't burn the candle both ends.I have a swag of new countries this season so feel pretty satisfied with operations..

73 all and good dxing...........Bob VK3ZL..

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