Topband: power

Bob Eldridge eldridge at
Tue Jul 1 17:55:23 EDT 2008

I seldom post to the whole group,   but Bill lets this perennial thread
flow, so . . .

>There may be cheaters, but I haven't seen it.
Of course there are cheaters and always have been, even at some multis.

>With 100 watts Joe will be able to do everything he wants to do.
That is stretching a point a bit, unless Joe is very easily satisfied.

> if you can hear well and the other guy can't, an amp is not
>only well justified, it's a necessity!
"Necessity" is a very big word. It is desirable for sure.   But it would be
to the
common good if amps were switched in only when needed.
  I thought most of my first 100 "entities" were on 100W, but looking back
through the log there are more logged as using 500 than I "remembered" there
But I have never been capable of more than about 500 and have never had a
tall vertical
stick and I live in a deep valley and most of the contacts were without the

I guess I was lucky to live in the glory days of 160. I hope they come


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