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Petr Ourednik wrote:
> Hello,
> I know that it was discussed on the reflector already but as I found 
> another type for competition I would like to ask over here if
> anyone compared DX Engineering NCC-1, the MFJ-1026 and the Timewave
> (JRC) 
> ANC-4 noise cancellers? How much difference there are in
> performance refer to cost as the gap is big between them on the market.
> Thank You for help,
> 73 - Petr, OK1RP
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Hello Petr,

I have the DX-Engineering NCC-1 and compared it against my friends MFJ1026.
The MFJ is more difficult to adjust and tricky. It has as no full 360 
degreee coverage on the phase control knob. In an evening of A/B 
comparison we found that the NCC-1 showed a better performance with 
deeper nulls.

See also my blog on: http:\\
Go to the bottom and click "Older", proceed to april 7 2008
You will find pictures of the NCC-1 contents as well.
In due time I will do a review on a home made 160m front-yard/back-yard 
phased vertical on my blog.

'73 Mark, PA5MW

some text from my blog:


Or better said, in what respect does this unit differ from its MFJ 
1025/1026 counterpart?

   * Phase adjustable through more than 360 degrees (MFJ does much less)
   * Exceptional dynamic range (30dB more)
   * Low noise floor (that is usuallly not much of a problem on the
   * Provisions for optional high pass and band pass filters (see pics)
   * DC controls with smooth action. Expandable for remote or external
   * Provides power and transmit muting for external active antennas

In a nutshell; after some years this is the natural follow-up of the MFJ.
The MFJ is definitely not bad, but it has some drawbacks in practise. 
Adjusting both input gain setings and finding the right phase are a bit 
The new NCC-1 has no seperate input gain seetings per channel, but a 
'balance pot' instead.
Next it has a switch for swapping the antenna inputs (changing receiving 
direction on the spot !).


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