Topband: lift station noise

Steve London n2icarrl at
Wed Apr 8 12:40:31 PDT 2009

Lee K7TJR wrote:
> Larry, for what its worth I have been through chasing noise from a pump 
> as well. Many of the newer systems use what is called a VFD, variable 
> frequency drive. 

Could someone post a .wav file of what this sounds like ?

I have a large copper mine two miles away, which is essentially played-out. To 
extract the remaining copper, they are now pumping large quantities of water to 
the top of the tailing piles, and letting it percolate to the bottom, where they 
use an electrolysis process to create copper plates from the "emerald river". I 
have plenty of QRN in the direction of the mine, on all bands.

Steve, N2IC

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