Topband: help identify noise

Sam Morgan ka5oai at
Thu Apr 9 19:28:08 PDT 2009

Sam Morgan wrote:
> I know it's only partially 160m related, but I figured you folks have dealt with 
> all kind of noises and perhaps one of you would have heard this one before.
> I hear it on 1.923mhz or so but only that one frequency on the whole 160m band.
> I have recently started hearing a noise 24/7 on 40m.
> The noise is heard about every 11khz and randomly moves up or down a khz or so.
> Best I can tell it covers from about 6.910mhz to 8.040mhz
> Can any one identify what it's coming from?
> It may show up other places,
> I just ran into the 40m ones the last few days
> and then tonight found the 160m one.
sigh, that's what I get for hurrying to get the post out...
for got the links, go here and you can see and hear the noise:

GB & 73
Sam Morgan

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