Topband: VK9GMW/AA7JV...our Topband hero!

Bill Tippett btippett at
Fri Apr 10 05:50:55 PDT 2009

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From: "Jorge Diez - CX6VM" <cx6vm.jorge at>
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 09:05:50 -0300

Hats off to this operation.

They pay real attention to pick up every signal.

Thanks George for our 160 QSO..! This morning you where very audible also 30
mts after my sunrise, was nice to heard you getting JA stations...  You have
a real 579 in our QSO, great!...

Also heard you before in 80 mts with a strong 599!...

VK9GMW was my 100 DXCC in TOPBAND CW...!!!!

After 2 years since I became in 160 (april 2007), with real 82 days of
operation in topband, I reached the DXCC. This is a first step, really TB is
amazing to forget it.


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