Topband: VK9GMW

w8uvz w8uvz at
Sun Apr 12 18:50:53 PDT 2009

In a short note rx today, AA7JV wrote abt the winding down of the VK9GMW 

We are tearing the stn down today, trusting in the
forecast that indicates a suitable WX window Tue-Fri. The
WX at this time, however, is terrible: strong winds and
rain. Not looking forward to it...

160 QSO count is at 2020 (without DUP-s).

TKS es 73,


Congratulations to George and Tomi on a fantastic effort of low band 
activity from Mellish Reef.

We wish them "God Speed" in the return trip to Australia.

73  George  W8UVZ

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