Topband: S04R

Paul kermadec at
Tue Apr 14 04:07:54 PDT 2009

Hello topbanders,
during a short contact on 17 meters now, Fabrizio IN3ZNR (one of the team) 
says: yesterday we were on top band, working some 320 stations, and we plan 
to be active again tonite.
I suggest them to avoid 1.814/1.815 because interference by some beacons 
(or military stations?), maybe  they will try around 1.820 for JA and 
little up for EU and USA.
TX antenna is inv-L with lots of radials (yesterday their sigs were strong 
like EU, i was thinking if it was real or pirate!) and RX is a Beverage On 
the Ground with 6:1 transformer winded by myself.  So please during the 
pile-up tell him: you have a very good impedance transformer... :-)

Paolo I4EWH 

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