Topband: 160m Sloper on Crank-up tower

George (K8GG) & Marijke Guerin gmguerin at
Sun Apr 19 19:13:08 PDT 2009

KQ0B, Michael wrote:

I am trying to use a 160m sloper on a TRI-EX 54 foot crank-up tower.

I have a L bracket affixed to the top section for the connection utilizing 
PL-259. The sloper wire is approx 143 feet long using formula of 260/1.825 
mhz. Basic operation of wire to center conductor and shield to tower.

Has anyone successfully gotten one of these slopers to work on a crank-up ??

Did you have to run a wire from the top section to ground ??

Impediance is 60 ohms but can see 50 ohms at 2.000mhz

Any help would be appreciated.

Michael, et al.,

IMHO, since the antenna appears to be mostly low and horizontal against 
ground, I would guess it would be a cloud burner.

Have you considered an Inverted-L antenna against ground radials hung off 
the tower about 5 - 8 feet out?  It should give you much more DX, and if a 
trap is installed at the 1/4 wave length point for 80 or 75 meters, it could 
easily be a dual band Inverted-L.

YMMV     Good luck        George    K8GG 

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