Richard L. King k5na at
Mon Apr 20 08:04:37 PDT 2009

Susan and I just got home late last night from Visalia.

We both really enjoyed the Top Band Dinner and it was the first time 
we had ever attended a Top Band dinner. Thanks to Steve for putting 
it all together.

We seemed to have a lot of competition from the Contest Dinner that 
was held at the same time and I think many other TopBanders may have 
been torn as to which dinner to attend. Personally I plan to always 
attend the Top Band Dinner in the future regardless of the conflicts 
because I really like meeting my friends from Top Band. But with a 
limited time to schedule things at Visalia, I don't know what can be 
done about this conflict.

The only suggestion I would add for the Top Band Dinner would be to 
add a DXCC stand-down.

73 to all.

Richard - K5NA

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