Topband: 1.99?

Bob Eldridge eldridge at
Mon Apr 27 21:02:23 PDT 2009

> 80.  What about the rest of 160m, say up around 1.99 MHz?  Maybe K9LA  or 
> NM7M
> could tell us what to expect there?  Perhaps we should try some  tests or
> experiments there?  What does the propagation curve look like  between 
> 1.8,
> 1.99, and 3.5 ?

I remember there were such tests many years ago (around 1980 maybe?) and 
there did not appear to be any advantage in the higher frequency.  At the 
time NM7M expressed the opinion that 2.0 MHz being further from the gyro 
frequency probably outweighed any apparent lesser ionic attenuation over 
long distance paths.
It would be interesting to give it another try though.

Bob VE7BS 

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