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Now  there's  talk  of  raising  one's  QRG on 160 to 1.9 mHz to have  less 
 signal absorption  while in pursuit of DX.   But even with global 
agreement, life would  not be simple as the geomagnetic field varies in an irregular 
manner, making  results variablet, with results depending on path.
Another geophysical factor, global in nature, could mprove  DXing by its 
very nature, without our intervention.  Here, I refer to the  flux of galactic 
cosmic rays (GCR).  They are of astrophysical origin, are  essentially 
uniform over the earth''s surface, and have a cycle like  sunspots.
K9LA and I find 160 meter signal ducting varies with GCR and  GCR are near 
a minimum at present.  The current GCR is easily obtained by  going to the 
Internet and calling up the Moscow neutron monitor.  At  preseht  GCR is 
about 3 units below background level. ,
When GCR is below background,  DXing improves and when  GCR is 10 to 
20units below normal ,  DXing  increases 10,000 km,,  even almost 20, 000 km.
This is found in signal logs from DXers such as W7LR, K1ZM,  SP5EWY, ZS4TX, 
VK6VZ and NI6T.
These results are in recent issues  of  CQ  Magazine and the Low Band 
Monitor.   In any event, if GCR is more  than 10 units below normal, GO FOR IT
your results could be surprising/
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