Topband: Phased Array Book

Edward Swynar gswynar at
Mon Aug 10 07:28:45 PDT 2009

Good Day All,

Has anyone ever seen / read a 1994 textbook entitled, "PHASED ARRAY ANTENNA HANDBOOK", by  a Robert J. Mailloux...?

I just stumbled upon two copies currently available at an interenational website, and although I was certainly very interested at first, I recoiled at the price of each copy: in excess of USD $200.00!

Would such a volume really & truly shed any new light upon Amateur radio application(s) of antenna phasing, or would the smart money be better off being saved, & consequently diverted toward the purchase of future editions of ON4UN's book...?

~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

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