Topband: K9AY phased array

Andy Ikin andrew.ikin at
Tue Aug 11 10:51:03 PDT 2009

Rune La7tha wrote on the 10th August

"Hello all

Just found this antenna from wellbrok, K9AY phased array.

I have used homemade K9AY with ok result, since i have just moved to new 
house and i now only using my remote station
i have non RX antenna.
Was wondering to try this one K9AY phased array.
Is there someone that have seen this or have already installed it."


This is a very recent product, hence there are only 2 other installations 
other than mine. One 4 K9AY array is in Montana and a 2 K9AY array is in the 
UK. The one in the UK is working very well with a MW Dxer. I have not had 
any feedback on Montana installation. I am currently awaiting the results of 
a trial of a 2 K9AY array in Orcas Island WA, this array will be using 
radials in place of ground rods. The ENZEC model says it should work; but 
just in case it doesn't, I will recommend swapping out the K9AY for a 2 KAZ 
( 15 x 60 foot ) installation using high gain Flag/ KAZ Head amplifiers with 
matching/isolation transformers ( Wellbrook FLG100; Flag/EWE/KAZ/K9AY 
amplifier ).

The K9AY array uses a similar Phasing Unit as the Wellbrook Loop array. 
Users who already have the Loop array will be able to upgrade to the K9AY 

Btw, the array is sensitive to nearby metalic structures.


Wellbrook Communications

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