Topband: InfoK9AY Phased array and EWE posible problem.

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Wed Aug 12 09:10:45 PDT 2009

Hi Rune,
I found that if I used an insulated wire on the ground between the
termination point and the feed point and lifted the connections to the
ground rods the performance seems to improve compared to another EWE I put
up in the same direction. I guess it is kind of an off-center fed Flag
The Pennants seem to be lower noise but of course less gain than the
off-center fed EWE and the regular EWE. I tend to use the Pennants more than
the EWES. 

N2TK, Tony

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Hi all

Thanks to all that have send me info about  K9AY  Phased array.
At the same time i will ask for a EWE possible problem.

I mounted a EWE antenna last summer, but could not  get it to work.
after some Google etc i have found that the EWE antenna are very critical to
Some Hams mention that they use a ground wire under the antenna.

Is this wire just put  on the ground, or is it connected to the feed point
ground and also @ the far end (reistor end) ground.

Any suggestion on this one.

73 de Rune LA7THA

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