Topband: New antennas on 160 meters

Tree tree at
Wed Aug 19 09:35:26 PDT 2009

I am sure all of us have been working hard on improving our antenna systems
on 160 meters this summer.  Soon - we will start having openings to see how
well our efforts have paid off.

At N6TR, I now have a permanently installed 2 element phase array that I can 
fire over the north pole.  It will be very interesting to see how this works 
during those morning openings to Europe.

Our detectives have been looking around to find out what new antennas might
be used on the other end of the QSO and found this antenna installation in
the grid square LO44 near Dimitrovgrad.  We suspect it is being used by 
RA4LW, but we were not able to verify that.

This appears to be a Russian version of a K9DX type antenna system?


PS: Actually - that is an antenna from Radio Moscow.  You can read about it 
here -  It is sure a 
nice antenna to drool over however.  Thanks K3LR for the link.

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