Topband: LZ1ANA QSL Follow Up

N7KA at N7KA at
Tue Aug 25 16:00:34 PDT 2009

I received the follwing info from Andy, LZ1ANA, today and am posting his info: 

"Hi Arne,please my friend be patient,i not get my post from LZ4AX yet,i wait him on September here in Bulgaria,and BE REPLY - DONT WORRY. 


LZ4AX is listed in QRZ dot COM as being in College Station, PA. 

It would appear to me that the man y of us who did QSL direct to Andy probably had mail intercepted and he did not receive it.  I know it means doing another request, but It is possibly the only good way is to QSL via LZ4AX.  I know it is not what we would like to hear but it seems to be a good  route to use.  I hope this is useful to others. 

Arne N7KA  

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