Topband: Antenna Modeling needed 160 vertical

Ed Stallman n5dg at
Sat Aug 29 14:32:26 PDT 2009

Hello Towertalkers

My plan is to construct a 160m vertical using 4 inch irrigation 
tubing 90 ft tall, with 4 top loading wires spaced 90 degree and 
sloping down at 45 degrees . My target freq is 1.830 but would like 
to make the top-loading a bit short so that the antenna was resonant 
about 2 MHz.  Then put a small (a few uH) loading coil at the base to 
bring the antenna to resonance at the desired frequency.  I am 
placing the antenna 300ft away from any other structure , hoping for 
no interaction . I'll start with 32 ground radials and add more 
later, not sure on the length ? 90ft or 130ft ?

two questions
how long will the top-loading wires be for resonant at about 2 MHz 
using # 14 copper insulated wire?
how long should I make the ground radials ?

Thanks Ed N5DG

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