Topband: Gentlemans Band Antenna Discussions

Rick Stealey rstealey at
Thu Oct 1 06:18:43 PDT 2009

Congratulations to all who have been making comments on the antennas last few days.  It is refreshing to see such intelligent, well thought out and respectful discussions.  I read many of the reflectors and newsgroups and frequently these discussions turn ugly very quickly, but not here.
160 ops are true gentlemen, for sure.

As for me and what I am doing to improve things marginally for the new season, I have installed new line in the tree that holds up part of my inv L.  I have a loop made of old RG62 coax that goes up over a tall branch.  To this I have attached a pulley with rope holding up the antenna.  This way if the rope breaks I can lower the pulley easily.  The coax is also less likely to get stuck in the tree branch (it is slippery), and should last a very long time.
It's the equivalent of having a pulley attached permanently in the tree, but with the flexibility of lowering it if necessary.

Rick  K2XT
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