Topband: 160m in RTTY Contests

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You can work DX on both 80 and 160 RTTY.  I've worked 148 countries on 80 
RTTY and semi rare stuff like 9V, 9K, P4 and VK on 160 RTTY at that time 
even without RX antennas.  The Ukraine RTTY contest does include 160m and I 
guess the QRM level in the CW portion of the band is not any worse than what 
we just heard in the SSB contest.  In EU the RTTY band is from 1838-1842 so 
it will quickly be filled...
Someone mentioned freq above 1850 but in most EU contries there is a 
powerlimitaion of 10W, but evrybody knows what ON4UN have worked with 10W's 
when that was max power in Belgium so that should not be any problem ;-)
73 de Bo
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> No,
> Working DX even on 80 is hardly possible on RTTY.
> Signals are here, decoding doesn't work.
> So 160 RTTy will be limited to very local contacts, which
> is a case on 80 already.
> Arunas, LY2IJ
> (both Top band and RTTY op)
>> Most (all?) RTTY contests prohibit operation on 160 meters.  Yet, a 
>> number
>> of RTTY contesters have asked that it be added.  I'd like to hear your
>> thoughts on this topic, pro and con.  In particular, I'm thinking about
>> the
>> CQ WPX RTTY and CQ WW RTTY contests.
>> Ed - W0YK
>> CQ RTTY Contest Director
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