Topband: Wire type in two direction beverage system

Toni Lindén oh2ua at
Fri Sep 4 02:43:43 PDT 2009

Hi all!

I'd like to know what kind of a difference the transmission line impedance
makes in two way beverage system?

We have DX Engineering (W8JI design)  two way beverage system at CU2X. (

The system is designed for 450ohm ladder line, but the problem is that
ladder line doesn't last in high winds up in our QTH.
(I know, there's steel inside but even with poles about 15ft from each
other, the wind load of ladder line is just too much.)

So my question is, does that two way beverage system work with line having
impedance around 150 oms and if it's not working as well as with 450ohm
line, how big is the difference and in what parameters we're loosing

I'm planning to use the old telephone cable instead of ladder line.
Detailed information about the cable can be found here:

73 de Toni, OH2UA

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