Topband: 80m vertical

Dave Sharred g3nkc at
Sat Sep 5 02:25:49 PDT 2009

Hi Carl

I don't know the vertical that you are referring to; but of course the first
point is that the base should be isolated from ground. You may have this
feature already.

If the antenna is too short; you will need to add a small base loaded coil
in series. I think you will end up doing this by trial and error.

You should make sure you have a reasonable earth under the antenna first - I
might run out a minimum of 8 quarter wave radials as a start.

BTW - I have used the 18 M  spiderpoles we get it EU - telescopic.  Since we
fix the wire to the pole, we put the surplus wire on  as a helix towards the
base. Easy to adjust !



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