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Sat Sep 5 07:51:20 PDT 2009

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Subject: Topband: k9ay loop

> is anyone aware of a kit for building this k9ay loop system, other than
> AS.  i just can't see
> putting out almost $400 for a relay and an xfmr  !
> david/wd4kpd

I built from scratch and it was a nice project.  I used an old 4 position 
RS-232 computer switch enclosure to build the control box in...used three 
toggle switches to create a manual operated binary encoded terminating 
resistor selector.

Couple of relays and a piece of perf board in a Home Depot (Carlon) plastic 
box at the antenna came out just right.  Exterior bottom of the box holds 
the 5 binding posts, BNC bulkhead and barrier strip for the control cable 

There are a few sites on the web that outline how to roll you own including 
the K9AY page if I remember correctly.

Mine is self supporting with a couple and a half pieces of PVC SC40 section is stepped down to reduce it's mass.  Didn't glue any of 
it so it can be disassembled during the summer months..

Give it a try...not as hard as it might seem...

Cecil Acuff

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