Topband: Subject: MFJ 259B on 160M

Dennis OConnor ad4hk2004 at
Thu Sep 24 06:06:19 PDT 2009

Subject: Topband: MFJ 259B on 160M
I have not yet solved the riddle
of setting the MFJ-731 filter to my satisfaction that it is not
compromising the readings...  The 259 is a great instrument and I use
it nearly daily...
It is, however, oversensitive and fussy and it
takes a bit of experience to know when to believe the numbers and when
to turn it off and use your brain...

As far as just getting a SWR reading, my IC706 in a homemade wooden
tool tray with a gel cell battery in the bottom compartment is the best
poor boys SWR meter I have ever used out in the field... 
have even pulled it to the top of a 150 foot tower to check the 40
meter beam through a short coax jumper when I did not believe the
readings I was getting from the ground....

Local BC stations bother it not...
still find my beat up and very old MFJ noise bridge to be very useful
for measuring antenna resonance and impedance and J...  If you do not
have an analyzer and are tight on funds, I recommend you start with the

denny / k8do

denny / k8do


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