Topband: Low-band receiving antenna article at the Contesting Compendium

Pete Smith n4zr at
Mon Sep 28 04:22:45 PDT 2009

A great article by K3NA and W2VJN has just been republished on the 
Contesting Compendium.  See 
<>.  At 
first blush, you might wonder "what's so interesting about another 
DXpedition story?", but if you check it out you'll see.  VP6DX was 
arguably the most successful low-band DXpedition in history, and the 
article is full of information that will be useful for anyone interested 
in improving their Beverage set-up.  Includes schematics of the 
splitters/combiners and bandpass filters they used, with full component 
information, including a simple filter designed to permit simultaneous 
RX and TX operation on 80 CW and 75 SSB.

73, Pete N4ZR
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