Topband: RX and TX questions

rick darwicki n6pe at
Wed Aug 25 20:46:17 PDT 2010


With the start of the the season I once again seek to improve things.

I plan on taking down my 160 RX loop and making it a full .1 wave single turn with a rotor and bottom corner about 15 ft above ground. Any thoughts as to tuning it or not tuning it with a capacitor? Would tuning result in any better S/N ratio? I have a preamp and have had problems in the past with tuned loops changing with age/weather/spiders etc but could do the varactor thing.

The transmit antenna is sort of an inverted L ground plane with radials about 16 feet off the ground, 33' vertical and 65 feet horizontal. there are 40/80 traps and the far end goes to a tree. Presently there is about a 65-70 degree angle between the vertical/horizontal. The tree has grown and I can raise the end to get 90-100 degree or so angle. Question is would it be worth the trouble? I suppose SWR might change, but I use a tuner. Just wonder if RX or TX wound be any stronger in the real world?

Thanks and ZUT

Rick, N6PE
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