Topband: Correlation between AM BCB propagation and topband?

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Tue Jan 5 05:35:09 PST 2010

Hi, Rick:

Just the old broadcaster in me but the station in Reno on 780 is KKOH, not
KOH. They still refer to themselves as KOH, trying to claim a bit of the
legacy they lost when Citadel bought the place and switched frequencies from
630 to 780 about 15 years ago. The 780 call was KROW and Citadel could not
move a 3-letter call so opt'ed to keep some sort of connection by using the
KKOH call.

WBBM is the dominant station on 780, which used to be a clear-channel. KKOH
is non-directional day and directional at night with a very sharp null from
their 3-tower in-line array, protecting WBBM. The null is deep enough that
you cannot hear KKOH 30miles from their towers at night. Obviously the major
lobe of the pattern is west, so your observation is interesting.

I can't say about the propagation correlation but I do know that SP3BQ was
in here with a  579 signal at about the time of your observation.


On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 7:18 PM, Richard (Rick) Karlquist <
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> I am writing this at 03150 UTC on Jan 5.  About
> 3/4 hour ago, I was listening to KOH radio on 780
> kHz from the San Francisco area, something like
> 150 miles away.  At that time WBBM radio (also on
> 780 kHz) in Chicago, ~2000 miles away was so strong that it
> completely took over the channel from KOH.
> And I was just listening on a car radio with a
> 2 foot whip antenna.  During the last month or so
> of good 160 meter propagation, WBBM has been
> heard underneath KOH, which is very usual as it is.
> But to overpower KOH is unprecedented.
> I have listened to KOH for years, and never noticed
> WBBM until the last few months, although I was
> aware it was there since I used to live in
> Chicago.  In a similar incident a number of years
> ago, WJR in Detroit on 760 kHz overpowered KFMB
> in San Diego, which is normally very strong near
> San Francisco.
> I am just wondering if any great propagation is
> currently taking place on 160 meters, if the
> bands are somehow correlated.  Maybe this could
> be some kind of propagation indicator.  Unfortunately,
> my internet connection to the remote base is
> down right now.
> Rick N6RK
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Jack, W6NF
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