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Fri Apr 22 06:58:11 PDT 2011

It depends...... I think George describes the situations well.

What I have experienced, say at VE1ZZ: Jack has Eu Beverages, short, long, phased.
He is on the rocky ground, close to salt water bay.

The best Beverage (most of the time) was the long one, going over rocky terrain and terminated in the salt water, wire from termination tied to the SS hub cap. The wire direction was perpendicular to the water's edge. It beat phased ones and short with terminations on land.

Is the salt water the other half of this loooong beverage/dipole? Is there mo' better wave tilt from the salt to shore boundary? Is the wire tapping into the salt water "plate"?
I dunno, but it works. 

So it appears if we have lousy, rocky, lossy ground on the salty water's edge, wire direction is or close to perpendicular and you can terminate it in the salt water, that is the winner.
I hope this sheds more light on the "problem" and how to take advantage of possible situation and perhaps enhance the Beverages performance. Any more experiences?

But.... I think that if one is close to the salt water boundary, couple of phased short RX verticals (with some reflectors behind) would outperform the Beverages, with less hardware, especially on the isolated beach with no man made QRN. That looow Brewster angle just can't be achieved with other tricks.

Happy Easter to all!

Yuri, - home of the Glen Spey RadioFest July 23

> <BR>> My tentative conclusion is that if the Beverage is away 
> from the water by more than .3 wavelength, and there is no 
> salt-water in the soil under the Beverage wire (!), it 
> will most likely work, even if the ends are close to the 
> water's edge. Keep in mind, however, that many coastal 
> areas and low islands have a salt-water table as little a 
> foot under the soil. A Beverage there will most likely not 
> work no matter how far from the sea.
> 73,
> George, AA7JV
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