Topband: Beverages near the ocean

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I use mine more on the BCB and below than on ham bands. Contrary to what the 
books want you to believe they show excellent directivity right down to the 
LF BCB near 200KHz. These are only 750-1000' long.


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> I think BCB DXers have used them on the coast many times with great 
> results.   From what I recall about beverage antenna theory, there may be 
> a problem if the earth underneath is too highly conductive -- i.e., if the 
> antenna is laid out over a salt marsh.
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>> I was reading ON4UN's Low Band DXing Book and ran across a comment he
>> made about beverages not working near the ocean and the Heard Is folks
>> could never get one working. I know we used one from V47 and it worked
>> great. It was located probably no more than 300 ft from the water.
>> This is the first time I have read or heard of this phenomenon. Have
>> others had issues with beverages near the ocean?
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