Topband: Weatherproof enclosures?

Greg - ZL3IX zl3ix at
Sat Apr 23 11:27:42 PDT 2011

At my remote location, I have to mount direction switching relays in my 
boxes as well, so I need a bit more than an upturned bottle.  I use 
cheap black plastic boxes, mount the connectors on the bottom, and put a 
plastic bag over the whole lot.  True I have to check the bags every so 
often, and replace the odd one, but that's easy and they're cheap.

73, Greg, ZL3IX

On 2011-04-24 00:45, Paul Staupe wrote:
> I've put up several Beverages this Spring and am looking for suitable
> weatherproof UV resistant plastic enclosures to mount the feed and
> termination hardware.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?
> Best regards,
> Paul W0AD
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