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Tue Apr 26 07:55:20 PDT 2011

                                                                 April 26th,
Hi Mike,

Thanx so much for your schematic, "W0BTU Bi-Directional Beverage
Antenna" on your updated Beverage web page,
Your page is the most comprehensive document on the subject, 
all in one place.  No more dragging out all the books and a plethora of
articles and docs on the subject - in one click, it's all there.
With this one resource you bring it all together.  Your real world 
experiences, applications and solutions makes understanding and 
building beverages a snap.  I really appreciate all the work that went
into developing this thorough and succinct web site.  Bravo!


                                             Walt Kornienko - K2WK
                                             Gordonsville, VA
                                             k2waltk at

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}  Hi Walt,
}  I finally sketched a schematic this afternoon, and put it on my Beverage
}  page at
} I hope this helps.
}  The control box schematic is also there, since you inquired about this.
Let me
}  know if this helps.
}  Sorry it took so long.
}  73 Mike
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