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Since the total current is divided into the number of radials you can 
compute the amount in each. I run 32 elevated all copper radials of #18 and 
16 of a random mix and there is very, very, little power lost.


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Thanks all for the answers...

I am working on collection the materials for the project, so all feedback is
very important for me, thanks.

Just was thinking, is the same or better to have 120 radials of AWG18 than
40 radials of AWG8? What´s the idea? This is the same amount of copper, but
the distribution over the ground is different.


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Perhaps your friend's concern was that the solder joints would corrode
with time and galvanic action. Some have suggested using silver solder
to avoid this problem.

I used just regular solder when doing radials on my 160-meter parasitic
array a dozen years ago and haven't observed any problem with corrosion.
But this may vary from climate to climate and with varying soil conditions.

A simple and cheap method I have used for some verticals is to drive a
short scrap of copper pipe into the ground at the base of the vertical,
and use an all-stainless hose clamp to clamp the wires to this pipe. No
solder required.

73/Jon AA1K

On 8/15/2011 8:12 PM, Jorge Diez - CX6VM wrote:
> Hello,
> a friend told me to not solder radials to the vertical ring/plate and
> between them if I am installing an array, like a 4 square. That´s because
> can catch some noise.
> That´s true?
> If yes, how can I solder them? Also if I use a DXE plate to atacch the
> radials, I need to solder the wire to terminals, so what type of solder
> I use?
> Do you have a type/model (or ebay link) to see what to use?
> Thanks,
> Jorge
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