Topband: To Topband Contesters ( 1 Day After)

Gedking at Gedking at
Tue Feb 1 17:40:18 PST 2011

YUP those chair sitters I got on for  while. I thought I would pass  out a 
few points so I was just S&P with 100 wts. because I have a job here  at 
home now. and can't put in a lot of hours.
I  ran across some of them, I called that were calling CQ over and  over 
and didn't answer my call even though I could not hear anybody else calling  
them and I would stand bye when I heard somebody calling them to see if they 
got  an answer. nothing!!! I guess they had auto CQ on and either had to go  
potty or maybe for Coffee or did they go to sleep with auto CQ on. these  
are the same ones who worry about rates?? and just have to hold that Freq at 
all  costs. Alligators????, OH well!!

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