Topband: Window Yes! -penalized in contest !

Mike & Coreen Smith ve9aa at
Sun Feb 6 12:06:50 PST 2011

I am torn on the overall DX window debate, however the point I wished to 
emphasize earlier was only this:

*IF* the sponsor of the contest says "no domestic QSO's in the 1830-1835 DX 
window", then there should
be repercussions for doing so.  We all know this means no W/VE to W/VE QSo's 
or EU-EU, or JA-JA QSO's there.

Relatively locally there is a  160m MEGA station who does in fact make lots 
of non-DX QSO's in a relatively quiet "dx window" with absolutely no fear of 
doing so, as there are zero risks (ie: he is not disqualified., not have any 
points been deducted
from his score.)

Gentlemans band?


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