Topband: Web SDR's and 'Cheating'

Greg - ZL3IX zl3ix at
Thu Feb 10 19:29:14 PST 2011

It seems wrong, and is wrong, Brendan.  DXCC rules require the Rx 
antenna to be in the same country as the Tx antenna.  Personally I think 
that there should also be a requirement that it is owned and maintained 
by the user.

I am also a member of the SDR community (HPSDR) and I have had several 
disputes with the proponents of remote SDR receivers.  I have requested 
that they put long time delays, say 15s, into the audio path, but they 
refuse to do so on the grounds that they don't want to "limit technical 
progress for the sake of a few dishonest operators".

I must point out that I do not agree with this position, and would like 
to dissociate myself from this aspect of HPSDR activities.

Are you able to put such a delay into your SDR receiver's audio path?  
If it runs on a PC you should have enough memory available to do so.  
This would stymie the cheaters fairly effectively.

73, Greg, ZL3IX

On 2011-02-11 09:38, Brendan Minish wrote:
> What is the ethical position on this, it sure seems wrong to me

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