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Dan Edward Dba East edwards dan.n.edwards at
Mon May 2 08:32:48 PDT 2011

Tac San in a lowband diehard, like a lot of us. just got this today. glad to knowhe is ok..
73, w5xz, dan

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Subject: Fw: RE: ja7qvi de w5xz
To: dan.n.edwards at
Date: Monday, May 2, 2011, 9:22 AM

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Subject: RE: ja7qvi de w5xz
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Date: Monday, May 2, 2011, 2:03 AM

Hello Dan W5XZ  At last the Internet was connected today.And I read the email that had a gentle you.Thank you for worrying.It was attacked on March 11 by a major earthquake and a tsunami.Awful rolling continued for a long time, and a massive tsunami hit it afterwards.There was the forecast news of the tsunami invasion after an earthquake, and I escaped into a refuge, and the family was safe.My house was around 1 mile away from the shore.I did not possibly expect that a tsunami attacked my home.My house and all the car and the radio facilities lost it, too.Many
 acquaintances, a friend died.My family is happy safely now.For around two weeks, I was in the refuge, but move to the parents' house now.I will be back for radio again.It will revive within one year.In addition, let's meet you.I look forward to that the day comes.  73 Tac JA7QVI    From: dan edwards [mailto:w5xz at] 
Sent: Monday, March 14, 2011 10:10 AM
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Subject: ja7qvi de w5xz  Tac-san  i am praying you and your family are ok....  big 73 from texas, w5xz, dan  

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