Topband: RG6 coax questions

Paul Ferguson Paul at
Wed May 11 13:42:19 PDT 2011


I think you might have two problems. The first is cable prep. Here are some 
instructions (go to the bottom of the pdf) on preparing the cable for the 
Thomas & Betts compression connector:

You are using a quad-shield cable, I think the connector with the violet sleeve 
is the proper one. They also make a red-sleeved one that is suppose to work for 
all 6 and 59 coax. 

I am using F677TSEF flooded tri-shield coax that was mentioned on this or 
another forum (1000 ft reel for $80):

It s spec is here:

I'm using the blue-sleeved connector with the above coax. 


> I'm getting ready to wire up a Hi-Z 4 square RX antenna using RG6 CATV
> cable. Yesterday, I went out and bought an Ideal stripping and Ideal
> compression tool for RG6 from Lowes. Since I have never used a compression
> tool, I went to uTube and viewed several videos on how to use them.

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