Topband: Pixel Technologies Magnetic RX Loop – any users out there?

vtnn43e at vtnn43e at
Fri May 13 10:08:57 PDT 2011

I have been considering buying a K9AY antenna but can only have it up during the late fall through spring. There is no way I can keep it up all year is because it would have to be in my backyard 

a nd I would need to cut the grass where it is installed. Down it would have to come every spring. 

So I recently saw an ad for the RF PRO-1A in QST and thought that thought that it might be a decent RX antenna for my situation that I could keep up year round. Would mount it on the side of my 

house and turn it with a cheap rotor. 


It would be used in conjunction with my Flex-5000, a SteppIR BigIR for 80-10 and an inverted L for 160. Since my Flex-5000 has diversity RX my thought was that using the RF PRO-1A and one of 

my TX antennas would be a good combination. 


So my question is are there any RF PRO-1A users on the list and if so what do they think of the RF PRO-1A on 160? 





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