Topband: [IRCA] RF PRO-1A vs. ALA1530 Loop Antenna Comparison Review

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Tue May 17 08:27:35 PDT 2011

---- Guy Atkins <dx at> wrote: 
>  For the last few months I've been doing some methodical comparing of the
> signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio of many stations as heard through the Pixel
> Technologies RF PRO-1A and Wellbrook Communications ALA1530 active loop
> antennas. Using the spectrum analyzer qualities of the Perseus SDR receiver
> I've been able to be very objective on which loop antenna gives the best
> reception on all the LW, MW, and HF bands.
> I've written a detailed review of the two loops which contains S/N charts
> for all bands, plus a selection of "A-B" comparison MP3 recordings and the
> original MS Excel spreadsheet file of raw S/N data available for download.
> I've sent the review to some DX hobby web sites for possible publication,
> but Wellbrook has chosen to make the PDF file available now for download
> from their site:
> I hope you find the comparison review useful. It was very interesting and
> refreshing to use a receiver like Perseus as a S/N measuring tool rather
> than just making observations "by ear" as I've done for all my previous
> reviews and articles over the years.
> 73,
> Guy Atkins
> Puyallup, WA USA
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