Topband: Easy Inverted L for 169 (NCJ M/A 2011) Info Needed

Mark Adams msadams60 at
Mon Nov 7 08:30:55 PST 2011

Hi Gang,

I am planning to try this antenna for the winter and need more information.
The author, NE0U, seems to have no known email address that I can find so
here goes.

   1. I assume that the vertical radiator and the ground radial are both
   the SAME length. Correct?
   2. The sketch on page 20 shows the Ferrite Current Balun a the
   feedpoint, but the text of the article has it at the transmitter. Which is
   correct? Does it matter?

Yes, I could goof around with these two items, but I'd rather just put it
up and dink around only if necessary.

Thanks es 73,
Mark K2QO
K2 #543

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