Topband: Beverage transformer enclosures

Dave Mueller daven2nl at
Fri Nov 11 01:42:46 PST 2011

On 11/11/2011 9:11 AM, Paul DeWitte wrote:
> What do you use for transformer enclosures?
> The ones that I have been using did not stand up. Just curious what others
> use.

Here on Guam, we get more than 90 inches of rain annually.  I have found 
that it is impossible to keep water out of enclosures, and if drain 
holes are drilled into the bottom, ants and other jungle critters will 
move in with dirt, ETC, that cause the same problems as a flooded box.

For me, what works best for my simple transformers (nothing requiring 
power) is to use a small Radio Shack or similar plastic enclosure with 
the lid off.  The enclosure serves to mechanically hold and protect the 
transformer in place.  I do seal the underside of the RG6 bulkhead 
connector with RTV sealant to protect against moisture ingression into 
the coax.  The whole thing is covered with a cut-off water bottle to 
keep direct rain off the transformer.

This idea may not sit well with perfectionists, however it works fine 
for my purpose.

73, Dave KH2/N2NL

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