Topband: Beverage is down

Mark Lunday mlunday at
Sat Nov 12 07:12:00 PST 2011

Hunters took down my bev on the land behind me.  Only 250 foot unterminated, did not seem to be working all that great on 160 but really well on 40 and 30 (towards EU), although 2 months is not enough time to evaluate.

So I have re-installed the bevs on my property within boundaries, heagin 330 and 210.  Unterminated.  150 foot long each.  I am thinking results will be better if I terminate.  But should I use a resistor smaller than 470 ohms for these shorter bevs?

Still hoping the bevs can do the trick, as I don't have room for EWE or K9AY (although I could do a small receive loop).

Thanks in advance

Mark Lunday

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