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Since my 600-900' Beverages show excellent directivity all the way down to 
the LWBC Band Id say give short ones a try.

Since Im also the one who started the Slinky Beverage "craze" in the 80's 
and picked up in early editions of the ON4UN book I can highly recommend 
them for the space challenged. Five of the full size ones stretched over 
150' approximates a full wave on 160. Termination over poor ground is 1200 
Ohms here. I used the cheap steel ones and replaced about every 18-24 
months; you could also paint them. Brass ones are supposedly only available 
thru one Ebay seller and they arent cheap.


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>>> I don't know how it will work on 160 being only 150'
> At 150' it is really not long enough to work as a Beverage
> on 160 meters (a Beverage needs to be 1 x wavelenght long,
> or more, indeed, 3 to 5 times more). That antenna,
> however, may still be a good low noise RX antenna, and
> thus useful. So try it. It sure could be a great RX
> antenna for 80, 40 and 30 meters. If you have more space,
> make it longert. If not, lay it on the ground, as a BOG,
> which can be a lot shorter for a similar pattern, but with
> lower gain. (i.e. you may need a pre-aplifier).
> GL es 73,
> George, AA7JV
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