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Tue Nov 15 10:11:00 PST 2011

The last thing I need is a reason to generate flammable gasses in bulk :)

We homeschool, so maybe that would fit the stereotype everyone expects.
"And then they did a chemistry experiment and blew up their garage."

I've thought about an inverted L at home, I have just short of an acre, I
think the above ground part wouldn't be a problem its the radials. I'm
assuming in the wide open spaces at the farm I can pursue the same elevated
radials I would for a kite/balloon vertical? The elevated vertical thing
seems to be the best bang for the effort, and in some ways less effort
especially for temporary ops like this.


On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 8:57 AM, WA8JXM <wa8jxm at> wrote:

> Chris,
> If the tall trees are in a location that you can get the trailer near, I
> would go in that direction.   Put up an inverted L and lay a bunch of
> radials on the ground.   If you are close to a good fence, that might add
> to the ground system.
> Although the balloon idea is attractive, Murphy says it will be windy.
> Myself, if I were doing a ballon, I'd generate some hydrogen in a milk jug
> with lye and strips of aluminum.   It won't last as long as helium, but
> it's a lot cheaper and provides a lot more lift (4x IIRC).
> Ken

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